Summer is almost here but the mornings are still cool and it is great to take a few minutes to enjoy a hot cup of coffee! If you drink delicious Lanna Coffee from Lanna Coffee Co you might enjoy thinking about the journey from the coffee tree to your cup. From growing, to the harvest, pulping and drying to the trip over the seas from Thailand to the USA and finally roasted to perfection just for you – its an incredible journey. ITDP is proud of the process to bring you the perfect cup.  If you have never tasted Lanna Coffee, give it a try by clicking on the link below!  You can also learn more about the process and the people by reading the blog!  We would love to invite you to support this amazing micro enterprise that helps the hill tribe villages in Northern Thailand. When you drink Lanna Coffee, you are providing life sustaining income for these families!

Try Lanna Coffee