Its been a busy, but productive summer for us here at ITDP. We had the pleasure of partnering with 4 volunteer groups, all with the common goal of reaching the Hill Tribe people of Northern Thailand.

San Diego Christian College, Azusa Pacific, The Well (Fresno, CA)


These 3 groups had a wonderful time in the MaOhJo area, helping us with our agriculture and school programs. The students were truly blessed to see the dedication and enthusiasm from each of the team members. Much of the projects that were completed will also serve as demonstration sites for nearby villagers.

Some of the work that they did included:

  • Building new tables and chairs for the student’s eating area
  • Soccer camp
  • School garden planting
  • Teaching English
  • Brick making for future building projects
  • Planting of grass to help with erosion
  • Installation of nets behind the soccer goals to keep the balls from rolling ALL the way down the mountain!
  • Coffee seedling preparation
  • Coffee pulping station
  • Reservoir for water storage and aquaculture

First Chinese Baptist Church of San Fransisco (FCBC)


This group worked in another village called Sala Thai, located in the Mae Sariang District. The village was in desperate need of clean drinking water, so the team worked tirelessly along side the villagers to install a full drinking water system. The process of building this system is quite complex, so I will cover that process in a future post! Needless to say, FCBC successfully completed the project, along with installing faucets and bathrooms for individual families.  The people of Sala Thai now have clean drinking water, a luxury that many of us often take for granted.



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