I am writing this regarding my recent mission trip to Thailand with the Nebraska team.

This was my first mission trip and I was really not sure what to expect even though the team I was going with did a nice job of informing me what the conditions would be once I arrived at the village. Getting up and working hard everyday to build something together was a great experience.

Even though I did not speak the language of the villagers, it became clear very quickly, that I had many things in common with the families living in this village.

They love their children and want them to be healthy, happy and educated so they can lead a good life. I felt welcomed and could really feel the appreciation flowing out for why we were there and the excitement from the families on having clean water and bathrooms for their families.Thailand Volunteer

Even though there were times when either myself or one of the villagers tried to communicate and we would just have to laugh because we did not know what the other was trying to say, there was a connection made and all was well.

Having the interpreter available was so great for some of those times, but even without, the feeling of being connected and knowing that God was at the center of every interaction was a great feeling.

Being there and watching the daily rituals of starting the fire, washing laundry, pounding rice and gathering the chickens up every night, really showed me that these wonderful people are no different than we are and get up to live a good life everyday, wanting the same things we who live so far away want in our lives as well.

I am very grateful for the experience and the opportunity to see God’s hand in all things!


Jerrian Hawkins

Thailand water